Technical Instruments is an agnostic service and repair facility with 40+ years of cleaning   and repairing Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss microscopes


Olympus Authorized Repair Facility

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Technical Instruments was founded in 1950 and, with the addition of AG heinze Service, is California's largest microscope service center. We have a complete machine shop, offering custom solutions and service to all microscope brands.

Repair & Maintenance


We offer experienced, professional service daily to repair and maintain your optical equipment. We are able to provide maintenance and service agreements/contracts/quotes that can avoid critical downtime periods, insuring longevity and retaining the original precision in your key equipment.

Optical Instrument Service & Repair 

Custom Solutions


Our microscope preventative maintenance service procedure includes:

- Cleaning the Stand
- Cleaning the Objectives
- Cleaning the Eyepieces
- Cleaning the Stage Assembly
- Cleaning the Condenser
- Cleaning, Checking & Aligning the Light Source(s)
- Cleaning & Checking the Optical Path(s)
- Cleaning & Checking the Video/Camera System (if applicable)
- Aligning Koeller Illumination & Checking Lubrications
- Checking Optical Quality
- Advise/Recommending replacement part(s) or upgrade(s) as necessary
Standard Terms and Condition of Sale


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