In research and industry, sometimes simple solutions are not available in standard products. 

At Technical Instruments, we strive to add value for our customers by our ability to modify or customize products for specific application challenges. 

With a fully capable machine shop and our highly skilled machinist/technicians, we can help modify your system to meet your non-standard needs.





Sometimes standard microscope stages do not meet your specific sample or ancillary instrument requirements.

We can help you with "outside the box" thinking to custom design a solution for you.

Using a wide variety of materials like plastics, aluminum, steel etc, we can help you solve your problem in the most cost effective manner possible.


Small sample management solutions and fixtures are well within our capabilities.

A small, custom rotary indexer is shown at right.

From fixtures, custom illumination paths, retrofits to current product offerings etc, we can help you solve your microscope related custom application quickly and affordably.





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