Complete Courses

  • Quantitative Imaging Fundamentals
  • Acquisition Optimization Techniques
  • Quantitative Image Analysis
  • Image Processing Methods and Acceptable Practices

Individual Services

  • Instruction on the best use operation of your microscope system *
  • User orientation on new systems installed
  • Technical support services for hardware and software problems *
  • Analysis sequence and macro development for custom applications *
  • Consultation on system purchases and upgrades *
1. Work with you and your samples to produce the best images

2. Polish up on the principles of Optical Microscopy

3. Demonstrate & Discuss

  • Brightfield
  • Phase
  • ADL Phase
  • DIC
  • Hoffman
  • Polarizing
  • Fluorescence

4. Explanation of microscope components

For more information, please contact:

Johnny Touma
Imaging and Application Specialist


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